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Create detail of order, Send data to another activity using intent, Show data on profile layout, and Create layout login.

Total : IDR 1.000.000,- 

(4 x 3-Hour Class)

Day 1 : Introduction

Get Introduce to Android Studio and learn how to code, design, and language used on Android Studio. Create Splash Screen, 

then run your app to Android Device. 

Day 2 : Create Layout Simple GoFood App

Create layout dashboard using navigation bottom. Introduction to fragment, Create list using recyclerview on fragment, and Add listener and count total price.

Day 3 : Continue Create GoFood App

Introduction to Shared Preferences, then create login using

Shared Preferences.

Day 4 : Finalize GoFood App

shs beg.png

Create Login layout, Introduce to retrofit and JSON, then Create Get data using retrofit.

Total : IDR 1.500.000,- 

(4 x 3-Hour Class)

Day 1 : Create Note App Using Local Database 

Introduction to Local Database, create Database Helper, Create and Read of database

Day 2 :  Continue Create Note App Using Local Database 

Create Update and delete database, then, Check database using web.

Day 3 : Continue Create Note App

Create POST data using retrofit, Get photo use camera and gallery , POST Multipart data using camera.

Day 4 : Finalize Create Note App

shs interme.png

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