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Want a Comfortable and Affordable Office? Private Office It Is!

The need for office space is crucial, whether for a new or established company. Despite the rapid development of global work trends, the virtual office model and remote work are becoming more popular. However, physical offices are not going to disappear overnight.

Some service-oriented companies, for example, still require physical offices as meeting spaces for clients. Moreover, building cooperation within the company often requires physical interaction.

Besides the needs of employees and clients, for many companies, a physical office space can serve as a platform for branding and establishing the company's profile. A strategic location, aesthetic spaces, and other factors can make physical offices attractive.

The main issue here is the cost. Creating a comfortable office space for work is not easy. Renting an office space or a semi-finished building is also a challenge. Additionally, addressing issues such as accessibility, water, electricity, internet, and more can be a real hassle in setting up a comfortable office quickly.

However, where there's a problem, there's a solution. In recent years, private office services have emerged in Coworking spaces. Coworking spaces now offer more than just shared workspaces with shared tables; they also offer private office rentals. These private offices are available for specific companies for a certain period.

Of course, this is a significant relief. Private office providers often take care of utilities like electricity, water, and internet, and they are conveniently located in strategic locations, making it easy for employees and clients to access.

Private Office at Collabox Creative Hub

Collabox Creative Hub is one of the leaders in providing private office services in Semarang City. Its strategic location in the heart of Semarang is a distinct advantage, ensuring easy access while keeping costs affordable.

They offer various room options with different specifications to suit your needs. There are rooms for 3-4 people, 8-10 people, and even larger rooms that accommodate up to 50 people.

They provide various facilities such as drinking water, fully air-conditioned rooms with customisable furniture for a comfortable working environment, high-speed WiFi access, and even monthly meeting room access and printing services for specific packages.

Cleanliness is a top priority in this pandemic era. Every day, your workspace is cleaned and sterilized, with hand sanitizers available in every room and handwashing facilities in all restrooms. Security is also a key concern, with 24-hour surveillance cameras, locked rooms after hours, and 24-hour parking security.

Several companies, including Investree, Tokopedia, Indikom Megah Utama, Centratama Menara Indonesia, Teman Legal, and MEC Indonesia, have used private office services at Collabox.

Business Expansion

In addition to meeting workspace needs, using private offices in Coworking spaces can be a strategic move for expanding your business.

How does it work?

It's simple. If you have a company in City A and want to expand to City B, instead of investing a large budget in building or renting an office space, you can rent a space in a coworking space.

Some of our clients have taken this approach to expand their business networks. Now, it's your turn to consider this excellent option.

Contact us here for more details!

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