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Lestari - Reusable Wooden Cultery Set

Lestari Reusable Wooden Cutlery Set

SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL – Cotton Batik pouch and wooden cutlery are lightweight, portable and easy to clean.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Environmental Safety and BPA free. When travelling we recommend keeping the utensils in the rolled-up-pouch to keep utensils sanitary hygiene.

SUPER PORTABLE – Our cutlery set rolls up into a compact design for easy storage during hectic-time. Perfect for travelling, camping, meals out, or school.

WASHABLE – These utensils are dishwasher safe, eventhough handwashing will lengthen the lifespan. The wood is durable and heat resistant

ECO-FRIENDLY – At Plastic Oceans we work to eliminate single-use plastic and save the oceans from its pollution. Over 40 billion take-out utensils are produced every year. Choose reusable to reduce plastic consumption and help us take care of this planet.


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Lestari - Reusable Wooden Cultery Set


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