Sab, 31 Okt | Webinar

From Farm to Catwalk - Climate Diplomacy

This fashion show introduces the EMPU networks “from farm to wardrobe” fashion products to harness the rich cultural heritage of traditional and eco-friendly textile and arts in Indonesia for mitigating climate change"
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From Farm to Catwalk - Climate Diplomacy

Waktu & Lokasi

31 Okt 2020 15.00 – 17.00 WIB

Tentang Acara

The fashion show will build a common understanding among audiences, i.e. policy makers and relevant government agencies and actors about the importance of taking care of the overall value chains of the sustainable fashion and how this is introduced to its markets. Bringing in customers of the demand side into the work of EMPU is critical so that exercises to test sustainable market are explored. This fashion show introduces the EMPU networks “from farm to wardrobe” fashion products, to show also its markets and marketing possibilities in Indonesia and abroad. 

Run-down :

  • 30 minutes - Fashion Show "From Farm to Catwalk"
  • 90 minutes - Dialogue "Sustainable Fashion, From Farm to Catwalk"

The fashion show will display the work of traditional textile artisans and eco-fashion, from the work in the farm to the processes done by artisans and to the catwalk and closet.  

Speakers :

  1. Woro Srihastuti Sulistyaningrum Director of Family, Women, Children, Youth and Sports, Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas “Sustainable Fashion, Climate Changes and National Government Policy”
  2. Tenik Hartono, Fashion Enthusiast and Writer “Sustainable Fashion in Pandemics time"
  3. Drs. Pitoyo, Bappeda, Kota Semarang Partnerships between the local government of Semarang City with Zie Batik
  4. Chandrakirana Priyosusilo, Pendiri Sekar Kawung From Farm to Catwalk”.
  5. Valentina Estiningsih (Redaktur Suara Merdeka Semarang) Local Fibre and What are Our Homework to Support Sustainable Fashion
  6.  Zicko Haiziah Gazali (Nine Penenun/Gema Alam) Rerempeq : a Perfect Piece of a Zero Waste Weaving Art"
  7. Yuniyanti Chuzaifah -  Women’s Human Rights Activists, YC AurArt Accessories, Sustainable Fashion and Feminism: What is the Relevance?”
  8. Maria Yatseva, Siswa S2 Relasi Internasional pada universitas