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Artisan Fusion: A Gathering Place for Local Crafters in Semarang

Source : Artisan Fusion

In a vortex of trends and creative exploration, phenomena Pop Up Market has emerged as a major highlight in the world of modern retail. Pop Up Market, with all the charms and surprises it offers, has changed the way we shop and interact with products and art. It is a stage where creativity, innovation and uniqueness come together to create an unforgettable shopping experience.

One of the events that contains Pop Up Market & combined with Creative Workshop is "Artisan Fusion"

Artisan Fusion exists because it wants to be localcrafter who still do not have a place to introduce their products to the public. Lotscrafter a local native of Semarang who wants to introduce and market their products but still doesn't have a container. The Artisan Fusion event takes place at Collabox Creative Hub each 1 month very. With the existence of Artisan Fusion, it is hoped that thecrafter or artists can collaborate, interact, and communicate together in one place on the Collabox Creative Hub.

Want to see updates about when Artisan Fusion will be held again? Stay tuned on Collabox's social media!!!

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