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Event Space and Meeting Room Rentals in Semarang

Updated: Jul 11

Sewa meeting room dan event space di semarang

Need a strategic and comfortable event or meeting room in Semarang? Collabox is your solution!

Hello Semarang residents and surrounding areas! Now you don't have to worry about looking for a venue and meeting room for your event. Located in the heart of Semarang, close to tourist attractions and public transportation, we are ready to facilitate any event you have. Collabox Creative Hub is the solution for those who are confused about finding a venue for all events. Starting from meeting rooms, seminars, training, to community events, Collabox supports all your activities!

Various types of rooms are available for you to choose from:

Event Space - Starting from Rp30,000/Pax!

Need a comfortable and conducive event space for your organization or company meeting? We provide meeting rooms that can be rented per hour, with prices starting from Rp30,000 per pax (minimum 15 people for 3 hours) for the Grow Box room and Rp40,000 per pax (minimum 20 people for 3 hours) for the Event Space room. A large and magnificent room, filled with natural light and refreshing plants. The air is filled with a calm atmosphere and a burning spirit of collaboration. This is where great ideas are born and big dreams come true. Our rooms are also flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your event. Need special consumption for guests with food restrictions or a limited budget? Additional facilities such as projectors and microphones? Don't worry, we are ready to serve you.

Dua pria ber kemeja putih sedang memimpin seminar di ruangan dengan tanaman hijau dan jendela terbuka
Puluhan peserta berpakaian warna-warni duduk dengan nyaman, penuh perhatian mengikuti seminar
Di ruangan yang luas, seorang perempuan mengenakan hijab berwarna kuning terlihat fokus mengerjakan ujian.

Meeting Box - Starting from Rp40,000/Pax

Need a comfortable and conducive meeting room for your organization or company meetings? We provide meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour, with prices starting from IDR 40,000 per person (minimum 7 people for 3 hours). The pleasant and calm atmosphere makes this space ideal for productive meetings. Our meeting boxes can be used for various purposes, from closed internal discussions to friendly open workshops. We are ready to meet all your needs.

sewa tempat event di semarang
Sewa meeting room semarang
Ruang rapat intim penuh dengan jendela
meeting room semarang

Contact us now at +62 812-2521-4116 for more information and make your event needs come true at Collabox!

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